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Men's Accessories and Cuff Bracelets

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One of the hardest things to shop for as a man (or for a man, if you're looking to give a nice gift) is men's accessories since there really isn't a whole lot of variety compared to the equivalent on the women's side. Another problem with jewelry is that it is often too fragile for more active men, or it simply has too flashy of a look, which some men find to not be appealing at all. A lot of bracelets, cuffs, and other ornamentation is based around the idea of drawing attention, but a lot of men are uninterested in showing off anything dramatic or shiny, and are just looking for a small aesthetic touch to pull their look together.

If you're looking for elegance and simplicity in your men's accessories, but still a certain level of sophistication, then Helix Cuffs are the perfect solution. These elegant bracelets can add the perfect level of subtle class without being too loud. Sometimes the best way to communicate your level of refinement is with something small and tasteful, something that will just be barely noticed, or only subconsciously so. They are small, but they are certainly unique-looking enough to draw their fair share of attention and admiration.

The cuffs are made of fine pieces of metal that are braided in a number of different attractive designs, and yet they are still extremely durable and can survive all sorts of abuse. They are built from various materials, depending on the model, but there are gold, silver, and copper versions of the cuffs to choose from based on taste and budget. The cuffs fit a wide range of income brackets, as well as a wide range of wrist sizes. Some of the available models are:

The Bramble
A twisty multi-colored mixture of golds, this model is pricey, but it is a true work of art. It stands out among men's accessories as being both conspicuously refined in its quality, and yet still small and understated.

Heavy Silver and Niobium Helix
With a design reminiscent of the jagged edges of a granite quarry, this silver cuff has a particularly hard, masculine look to it. It is simple and yet dramatic and reminds one of the natural sources of the bracelet's material.

Heavy Copper and Niobium Helix
As the first model ever made by Helix Cuffs, this cuff is one of their most basic designs, and yet the contrast of the copper and the silver niobium is complex and striking to the eye. It is simultaneously one of the most attractive and one of the most affordable of all of the cuff designs.

Heavy Copper Helix
Pure simplicity, this design consists of just copper on copper—but it is enough to really add a touch of class and get people to really notice.

All in all, Helix cuffs are some of the best offerings when it comes to men's accessories, if for no other reason than the pure, efficient look of the cuffs. Their mineral-based style makes them seem natural and classic on any wrist, and with so many different models and materials to choose from, you are bound to find a cuff that will suit you well.

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