Sizing, wearing, and adjusting your cuff bracelet – Designer Davis Hatcher

Sizing, wearing, and adjusting your cuff bracelet

Choosing the proper cuff size

The first step in choosing the proper cuff size is to measure your wrist. It is easiest to have a friend help but it can be done on your own. Use a half inch wide strip of paper and wrap it around your wrist. Be sure that it completes its circumference over your wrist bone and is in comfortable contact with your skin the whole way around. Mark the paper where it begins to overlap with the start, lay it out flat, and measure from the start to the mark. This is your proper wrist circumference.

If your wrist circumference falls between two sizes, we recommend sizing up- it is easier and more comfortable to wear a slightly larger cuff  than one that is too small, and you can easily give it a final adjustment (see below) to make it just right.

Listed below are the wrist circumferences of each size:

(note that the measurements listed below are for your full wrist circumference, the cuff circumference will be smaller because of its opening)








6   1/2






7   5/8


How to put on a properly sized cuff

The easiest way we have found to adorn your cuff is to first relax your forearm; then, with the cuff in your opposite hand, anchor one end of the cuff into the soft underside of your wrist while gently pivoting the other end over the top of your forearm. Then simply slide the cuff down to where your wrist meets your hand. This method allows you to securely wear a cuff which has a tighter opening than the thickness of your wrist and is way more pleasant than forcing and dragging both ends across your skin.

How to tighten or loosen a cuff

These cuffs have been designed so that they can be slightly opened or closed to perfect the fit. You can do so by using your hands to alter it- don’t worry, it won’t break easily! However, be sure to bend the cuff only near the middle. Keep in mind that this is an adjustment to be made only a few times in order to get it just right. Bending (plasticly deforming) the cuff every single time you put it on/take it off will cause work hardening over time and will eventually break it.

What if none of the standard sizes fits my wrist?

We are happy to make custom sized pieces below size small and above extra large. Please reach out to us on the 'contact' page. If your wrist circumference falls in between two sizes, we recommend that you go up a size as you can always adjust the cuff bracelet to have a tighter fit around your wrist.