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The Best Men's Bracelets by Helix Cuffs

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9 Reasons Why Helix Cuffs Make The Best Men’s Bracelets

People seem to think that bracelets are only for women. Well, at least that’s what most people believe. It’s so easy to shop for women. When we think of buying a woman a present, we have a tendency to think “jewelry” right away, don’t we? It’s almost like we already know what women like most as presents. But what about men? What do they like? Yes, it’s true. Some men like jewelry. Some men wear all kinds of jewelry. You name it: rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and even earrings. When they do wear them, they feel comfortable, handsome and stylish.

However, jewelry isn’t for all men and we appreciate that. It really depends on their style and their mentality. So, with that in mind, we have designed the best men’s bracelets on the market. We took into consideration the fact that men are virile, men are strong and like to wear pieces that well represent them. We are proud of our bracelets and have 9 reasons why we claim that we hold the best men’s bracelets on the market.

1-Our bracelets are made of the highest quality of raw earth metals.
What makes raw earth metal so special? Well, it’s not that they are rare or difficult to find that makes raw earth metals so particular, it’s the fact that they are rarely found concentrated and are very difficult to separate from one another.

2-They are the most unique accessory you will ever own.
Men love to be different too. They like the idea of owning something that is unique and rare. Wouldn’t you love to offer something more than a tie, a pair of socks, a cigar, a belt or cuff-links? Our bracelets are all extraordinary and special in their own way. To wear one is to love one. Everyone will ask you about your bracelet and will want to know where you got it. Turn heads wherever you go.

3-They are handmade.
Made with TLC, our unique styles are designed and made so that whichever one you choose, it is sure to be exclusive because they are all hand made by David Hatcher himself in his own shop located in Boulder, Colorado.

4-They are the most fashionable.
Flaunt your style to the world and show your true personality. Follow the new trend and be the first to proclaim your manhood. Make all of the other men envious of your piece of art because in reality, that is really what it is: a piece of art.

5-They are affordable for handmade jewelry.
No matter what your budget is, we have a bracelet for you or for your man if you are purchasing it for a gift. We have your wallet at heart and want you to be able to afford our products. You can check out our prices here and see for yourself.

6-We guarantee satisfaction.
Our priority is your satisfaction. No matter what the question is, what the issue is or what your request is, we promise to always answer and deliver exactly what you desire and what you ordered. We want to exceed your expectations and make you nothing less than a 100% satisfied customer.

7-Our easy to use size chart will make your purchase easier.
With our easy to read size chart, you are sure to order the perfect size for you or your loved one. Simply measure the inches of your wrist and there you have it!

8-Wide variety to choose from.
Variety is not an issue when you shop with us. We have a total of 15 different styles for you to choose from. If you are interested in a custom piece click here.

9-They are made in the USA.
It is important to us as a company to encourage local economic support and we presume that it is also important for you to encourage our country and its amazing talent and products. Let’s keep it made in the USA!

We are confident that our bracelets, their quality, their style and their durability are the best on the market. We are convinced that we have the best men's bracelets that the industry has to offer. They are unique, trendy and affordable. Stepping out of your comfort zone is easy when you are wearing Helix Cuffs. Not comfortable with stepping out of your comfort zone? That’s ok….Simply step out with Helix Cuffs and get rugged, get elegant, get noticed!

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