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Luxury Bracelets for Men - Check Out Helix Cuffs

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A Simple Guide to Luxury Bracelets for Men

If you thought bracelets were only for women then think again. Bracelets are in for guys and they have been since the earlier years dating back for decades. Luckily enough, they have evolved over the years and today you can find some amazing, elegant and bold luxury bracelets for men in the fashion market. Any stylish guy knows the importance of accessorizing using a bracelet. There are plenty of options out there to enhance any kind of style that you are going for.

The great thing about accessories for men is they are simple, elegant and fit into almost any kind of personal style if chosen the right way. Do not worry about going through piles of accessories; there are only four types that you should know about.

Metal bracelets for men

Nothing says strong and bold quite like wearing metal bracelets for men. Metal bracelets make up a bulk of the luxury bracelets for men available in the market today. Some are made from simple metals and alloys like copper and bronze, you can also go all out with a gold or silver bracelet to accessorize your bare arm and flank your watch. One thing all stylish men understand is if you are going to wear a hunk of metal on your wrist, you should do it the right way and be fully committed. Metal bracelets often act as centerpieces on their own and this is why they work so well with a more subdued outfit. They may not be ideal for a conservative office environment but they look great for social events and occasions. Metal and leather go well together and you can rock them side by side.

Leather bracelets for men

Leather bracelets for men are also bold accessories to wear. Most leather bracelets often come with a deep rich brown or tan color that gives them a strong manly look. In the world of fashion, leather bracelets are considered as refined masculinity. If you do not want to go overboard with the leather, you can use subtle hints of it by wearing the leather bracelet as the anchor piece and combining it with other luxury bracelets for men such as beads and metal.

Woven bracelets for men

Woven bracelets for men are the most casual in the entire bunch. You can use woven bracelets to bring a pop of color to your outfit since they are available in just about every shade of color on the color wheel. Woven luxury bracelets for men are great for the casual attire, a day at the beach or a relaxed Sunday afternoon with the family. If you work in a less conservative office, where self-expression through fashion is acceptable then woven bracelets can be your everyday go to look. You can also pull of woven bracelets in a dress up look too if you find the right color and design. Remember to choose a color that picks up from your tie or shirt.

Beaded bracelets for men

The last but definitely not the least kind of luxury bracelets for men. Beaded bracelets were once confined to the arts and crafts activities at summer camp. However, beaded bracelets today have grown to refined versions that are suitable for the modern, stylish and creative man who is expressive by what he wears. Beaded bracelets for men may be made of wood, plastic, onyx or any other suitable materials. When it comes to beaded bracelets, the dressier the look, the smaller the beads should be. Marbled sized beads should be for the weekends and other less formal wear occasions.

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