ABOUT THE DESIGNER – Designer Davis Hatcher


Davis Hatcher made his first cuff bracelet almost by accident. Spurred by an inquiry from his brother if he could make him a bracelet out of  “some kind of metal” for Christmas. At the time, he built electric guitars at home and spent countless hours in a machine shop inventing his ideas into objects. He almost just got his brother a gift card. What at the time appeared an insignificant moment: sitting prone and hammering some twisted crude steel and copper wire on the sidewalk, became a doorway into an unexplored world. Inside waited unseen design at last ready for the jewelry world.

Through the manipulation and forging of thousands of feet of niobium, gold, and silver Davis developed his own visual vocabulary. Each new piece was the source of excitement and connection for family, friends, and the designer. The connections continue to grow as his art makes its way around the world into the lives of other explores, each taking a part of the designers story and enfolding it into their own.


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