Unique Designer Mens's Niobium & Copper Spiral Cuff Bracelet, by Helix, original masculine rugged fashion luxury jewelry artisan handmade wristart – Designer Davis Hatcher
Niobium Spiral Cuff, Copper Accent
Niobium Spiral Cuff, Copper Accent
Helix Cuffs

Niobium Spiral Cuff, Copper Accent

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A pattern created to deliver intricacy and movement in a sleek, understated handmade piece. Completely original mens bracelet cuff, artisan crafted in gunmetal gray niobium with a copper accent by designer Davis Hatcher in Boulder Colorado. 

Approximate Dimensions: 7
/16" wide and 3/8" thick. 
(Metric: 11 mm wide and 4.5 mm thick)
Please refer to our size chart to ensure you order the proper size for your wrist.

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