Unique Designer Men's Niobium Cuff Bracelet, by Helix, original masculine rugged fashion luxury heirloom jewelry artisan handmade wristart – Designer Davis Hatcher
Niobium Helix Cuff
Niobium Helix Cuff
Helix Cuffs

Niobium Helix Cuff

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Forging niobium this thick is like blacksmithing. More time and hammer blows make for a solid, satisfying feeling on your wrist. Rugged yet minimal, this artisan crafted mens bracelet cuff was hammered out by designer Davis Hatcher in Boulder Colorado. Gunmetal gray in color and alway made by hand.

Approximate Dimensions: 3/8" wide and 5/32" thick. 
(Metric: 8 mm wide and 4 mm thick)
Please refer to our
size chart to ensure you order the proper size for your wrist.

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