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Origins of the Art

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All my Men's Cuff Bracelets are made of twisted and forged wire. Given this medium: wire; and those two processes: twisting, hammering; the boundaries of a little world are defined where I go to ask one question: what are all the things that wire can do?

These limits remove a ton of processes and raw material shapes from the world of jewelry crafting that actions like casting, carving, and other fabrication allow.

If I were putting all my time into making jewelry the way most jewelers do, good fucking luck. Try to beat Cartier at their game making giant platinum pieces covered in diamonds.

There it is: I can't take responsibility for the visual aesthetic of my pieces as such. This is what wire does, what it looks like in this world of one, two and three dimensions (wire, twisted, forged. In good viking tradition really). The aesthetics of this world are organic, flowing and full of movement often reminding people of countless things: tiger stripes, DNA, chromosomes, tall grass, metal coke tabs, river rocks, ancient writing, waves, mermaid hair.

Yea.  a unique Men's Cuff Bracelet made of mermaid hair.

In contrast, in the world of carved wax casting, the limitations of the possible forms are only constrained by the ability and imagination of the carver. Whatever you can carve, you can reproduce in solid gold. They could create any aesthetic theoretically.

No thanks. This is my own little world.

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